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Qschedule by Qline Qschedule by Qline Qschedule by Qline Qschedule by Qline

Today QSchedule supports multiple scheduling solutions including:

  • Enterprise (coordinator) scheduling
  • Hospital and shift auto scheduling
  • Clinical scheduling
  • Equipment and transportation scheduling
  • Residence (LTC)/group scheduling
  • Team scheduling
  • Self-scheduling

QSchedule comes equipped with numerous tools:

  • Full patient and workforce record management that includes scheduling events
  • Preplanning and pre-problem solving
  • Gap and opportunity analysis
  • Worker availability
  • Constraint analysis
  • Auto best fit scheduling
  • Scheduling tied into workforce management processes

QSchedule is renowned as an expert home care scheduling system that delivers maximum provider workforce efficiency and profitability. We prioritize smart scheduling because we are well aware that it is here where we could be effecting as much as 25 – 50% of the bottom-line.

Home Care scheduling controls a provider agency’s productivity and profitability. With limited time and diverse patient complexities, how well you control your scheduling also determines how you control your profitability. Sophistication is required to address funder contract terms, client needs and preferences, worker skills and availability, labour regulations, collective bargaining agreements, provider policies and even operational processes.

Trying to schedule constantly changing factors is trying to make order out of something that is chaotic by nature. To achieve maximum profitability, the scheduling system has to be a living thing that is constantly evolving and adapting throughout the day. There is the constant trade-off of building flexibility into the schedule while staying on time and being efficient e.g., assign right person, deal with shortages, and eliminate late visits, cancellations and reschedules.

QSchedule is a premium solution that clearly distinguishes itself from novice systems. Our scheduling solution has stretched beyond home and community care into medical staffing, long term care scheduling, medical equipment delivery scheduling, and more.