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Qreports by Qline
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Qreports by Qline Qreports by Qline Qreports by Qline Qreports by Qline Qreports by Qline

QReports sets QLine customers apart in the running of their business operations. There are three reasons.

QLine captures data about clients, workers, intake, care plans, schedules, visits, billing data, and much more. However, what adds significant value to the QCare data is that we supplement this data with all care communications, care notes, and care and medical documents. This data coverage provides full visibility into, and accountability of, care events. QReports also supports comprehensive reporting and insightful data mining.

QLine was designed with a view to the operational, strategic, and financial reporting that would need to be performed by the Providers. It is a unique and powerful approach that better ties together the software applications, the care process, and the Provider goals and results.

With 20 years of continuous tweaking, QLine has developed a reporting suite for every conceivable situation. QLine has now supplemented our reports with a sophisticated real-time graphic monitoring system that targets strategic funder and corporate metrics.

QReports are automatically scheduled and distributed.