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Qnurse by Qline
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Assessments and Care Plans also part of QPlans
NOTE: Can be offered as just QTime for visit management, time & expense submission and verification.
Qnurse by Qline Qnurse by Qline Qnurse by Qline

Current solutions include:

  • QTime as a one-stop shop time reporting and expense management solution
  • Self and team scheduling (this is an advanced solution that supports schedule collaborations, schedule sharing, schedule trades and much more
  • Automatic client document downloads from the corporate office to QNurse
  • Automatic nurse and therapist reporting to provincial funders
  • Links to eQuip – Ordering
  • Automatic care plan preparation and submission
  • Progress and performance reporting and metrics
  • Full integration with other QLine applications and services

QNurse is an advanced web and mobile solution that supports the needs of nurses and therapists.

With the Provider drive to empower nurses and therapists, more development attention is currently being directed towards QNurse than any other QLine solution. QNurse is rapidly evolving as a federation of solutions.

QNurse is an easily extensible system that will continue to grow in its "smart" use and value.