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QNotes is a powerful email and messaging system. Its strengths are ensuring the privacy of client information, smart triggering and preparation of messages, the ability to include multimedia attachments, and provide support for multiple modes of delivery including telephony and mobile.

Ensuring the privacy of client information is a priority for QLine. Many organizations have encountered legal problems because of lax control of email and messaging. Most modern email systems store messages on multiple SMTP and POP mail servers, and messages can move to multiple servers and client devices. There is a huge privacy exposure.

QNotes operates within the enclosed boundaries of QCare for back-office staff. Messages remain private because they are never stored on individual devices.

For nurses and other field workers, we operate in two modes: we can extend the secure QNotes infrastructure so that messages are never stored on mobile devices, or, if required by our Provider customers, we can integrate with 3rd party mail services.

Smart QNotes is also an important set of features. QNotes popups will appear for literally hundreds of possible situations. They may appear to act on a missed visit, to request review of a care plan or client document, to request approval of a worker book-off and so much more. Using our smart editor, the QNotes are completed before being sent to individuals or to groups.

A final but important value of QNotes is that all notes are copied to the client and worker communications file where they become a vital part of the client medical record.