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Qmobile by Qline
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Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline Qmobile by Qline

QMobile features support all point of care activities including start and end-visit processing, safety notes, daily and monthly schedules, visit confirmations, maps and directions, client information, and task processing and completions, messaging, more.

QMobile deployments range from less than 100 devices to thousands of mobile devices deployed.

What also differentiates the QMobile solution is its very attractive pricing packages.

The heavy lifting for a quality mobile solution occurs in the back office. Here updates occur constantly and processed information needs to be exchanged instantly with the mobile devices. QMobile was developed as a hybrid solution. This means that though we prefer Android deployments we are also positioned to deliver to Windows and Apple devices.

QMobile can execute in online and offline mode. This is invaluable for the workforce. All visit information during an offline session is saved and synchronizes back with QCare when connection is re-established.

QMobile’s key features mirror those of QVoice and QWorker – WEB. This is invaluable as workers can use (or alternate between) multiple technology with no change in functionality. Providers find our unified solution invaluable.

  • Workers can be out of range with their mobile device and switch to the telephony solution
  • Casual workers can start on a telephony solution and as their hours’ increase be switched to a mobile solution
  • Some workers much prefer one solution to another
  • In a LTC situation workers often prefer the web service