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Qliving by Qline Qliving by Qline Qliving by Qline Qliving by Qline

QLiving is a web-based, self-service, scheduling solution that is intended for apartment, lodge, Long term Care and other group settings.

  • Shifts can be created for a task e.g., one worker will deliver all medications
  • Shifts can be created for floors, for specific clients, too take into account lunch and breaks and much more
  • Workload can be dynamically adjusted to meet new challenges or new orders
  • Supervisors can oversee all work progress

QLiving is powerful in that back-office functions can be shared between the corporate office and the local apartment or lodge.

The corporate office typically processes the client orders, creates a master schedule, and handles client visit fulfillment and billing.

The apartment will create apartment shifts, assign workers, schedule visits and management visit completions. Many advanced scheduling situations are supported.

As work is completed the back office is immediately updated.

QLiving was designed by apartment and lodge staff to support their unique situation and needs.