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Qlearn by Qline Qlearn by Qline Qlearn by Qline

QLearn is our e-learning web portal that features:

  • Administrative and user manuals, videos and interactive eLearning courses for our products and services
  • A full-featured Learning management system (LMS)
  • Certification and health care specific courses for industry professionals
  • QCare specific e-Learning courses, videos and manuals for all QLine applications
  • Custom developed e-Learning courses for our customers
  • Course completions are tracked within QCare

QLine has recognized the trend towards worker empowerment and heightened enterprise accountability for worker safety and performance. We also recognize the importance of up-to-date training information on effective utilization of our scheduling and care management modules.

QLearn is proving to have a significant impact on customer productivity, worker satisfaction and retention, and, training cost management.

QLine has a highly skilled multimedia and e-Learning course development team. We addition to our training courses we offer e-Learning training course development as a service to our customers.