Single Integrated Billing and Payroll System

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Qfinance by Qline
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Qfinance by Qline Qfinance by Qline Qfinance by Qline Qfinance by Qline Qfinance by Qline

QFinance encompasses program and contract management, billing, human resources and payroll, accounts receivable, and customized financial reporting. QFinance is designed to be robust and flexible.

Collection of client program and visit information via our portal, mobile, or voice solutions, and the subsequent verification of completed services launches the billing and payroll process.

Whether you need to settle a single claim with a provincial funder, bill simultaneously across multiple lines of business or execute premium private billing provides our billing solution provides unparalleled automation. As part of the billing solution, we also handle multiple billing rates per funder, offer flexible methods of calculating invoices, include a robust reconciliation process, track accounts receivables and interface with 3rd party billing applications.

We offer human resources management, including onboarding of new workers. QFinance also manages pay rates and associated payroll calculations is another full featured QFinance process. As with billing, verified schedules trigger the payroll process. We handle multiple pay rates per employee based on contract, provider rules, or even specific patient requirements. We also identify and track overtime pay, travel time and expenses, in-service, pay supplements, holidays and much more. As with the billing process we also interface with 3rd party payroll applications.

Capping off QFinance is real-time profitability analysis, and a customizable suite of financial reports.