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All data that pertains to the client or workforce situation is catalogued, linked and stored. Types of data include:

  • Medical information
  • Client documents
  • Care information
  • Visit information
  • Funder information
  • Worker information
  • Scheduling information
  • Performance information
  • All messages, notes, and communications
  • Revenue and Costs information
  • Incident information
  • Equipment and Supplies information
  • Much more

QData is a home care medical record. It is also a workforce management operational record.

What makes QData unique is the breadth and depth of the data that is captured and stored. QData contributes significantly to:

  • Full view of client situation
  • Continuous improvements in care planning
  • Smart, profitable scheduling
  • Reports that increasingly depend on insights
  • Trending and forecasting
  • Executive views from multiple perspectives
  • Problem discovery and troubleshooting
  • Executive insights

QData is a competitive advantage for QLine’s customers.