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Qcare by Qline
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Qcare by Qline Qcare by Qline Qcare by Qline Qcare by Qline Qcare by Qline Qcare by Qline

QCare is a one-stop shop operation and the embedded solutions include:

  • The most automated intake solution on the market
  • Extensive contract and program management solution
  • QDoc - a suite of solutions for processing any type of document
  • QSchedule - a suite of solutions for managing schedules and visits
  • QFinance - a financial management solution that includes billing, invoicing, payroll preparation and profitability analysis
  • QReports - an extensive solution for delivering reports, monitors and dashboards
  • Care Plans and task management process
  • Visit verification and end of day processes
  • QNotes - a powerful, integrated messaging system
  • QData - extensive data management service that tracks all back office and field visit interactions (is invaluable as a supplement to the patient and visits medical records)
  • Integration with QLine's full suite of point of care - web, mobile and voice solutions

The QLine emphasis is product integration and close tracking of events. QLine has given a lot of thought to how pieces fit together so that we can deliver optimum productivity. QCare is a unique ecosystems where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.