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eQuip - Scheduling and Resource Management is an advanced web solution that centralizes customer, order, invoice, scheduling and shipping processes. Key processes include:

  • Automated processing of client equipment orders from funders.
  • Acceptance of order and all line items (equipment exists in inventory)
  • Handling of payment authorizations
  • Scheduling of pickup and deliveries
  • Management of maintenance and repair processes
  • Preparation of way-bills
  • Handling of back orders
  • Tracking and tracing of deliveries
  • Management of transportation process including use of smart routing algorithms
  • Robust fulfillment and billing process

QLine’s state-of-the-art web and mobile eQuip software is the tool of choice for companies who want to manage their complete medical equipment and supplies workflow.

eQuip - Ordering allows nurses and therapists to requisition medical equipment and supplies from their mobile devices. eQuip - Ordering manages a compendium of equipment and supplies and is integrated with equipment authorization and funding agencies.

eQuip – Commerce allows clients to directly extend or change rental orders, purchase equipment, and manage their payments. eQuip – Commerce can also be used by our Providers as a messaging tool and to alert customers about a pending "end of contract".

eQuip is now used across many home care funding jurisdictions.